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The Children and Grandchildren of Jesse and Gladys Yoder

Invite you to a celebration of their “Diamond Wedding Anniversary”.

Come join us as we honor their 60 years of commitment to one another and to their family.

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2012

Time: 2:00pm  –  5:00pm                                      

Place:  Central Mennonite Church   
220 West Denneys Rd. 
Dover, DE 19904

In Recognition Of Years Of Service!

An Open House in Recognition of Years of Ministry is planned for Jesse and Gladys Yoder

        When: July 30, 2011 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
        Where: Central Mennonite Church
A program will begin at 3:00 p.m.

The schedule for the viewing and funeral can be found below as it was copied from an email from Jon…

Dear friends and family,
Forgive this form letter, but we do want each one to know that your expressions of love and regrets are being taken directly into our hearts. We as a family praise God for the wonderful time that we could have Dawn here on earth with us. We are sorrowful, but not forsaken, and it is because of people like you who care, and are lifting us up to the throne of God. Gloriously, we sorrow not as those who have no hope, because we know where Dawn is right now, enjoying fellowship with the One who created her and worshipping at His feet, the same way she lived her life. She was the best example of someone who walked with God, and I was privileged to be her husband! Although we may not sleep, we are securely safe in God’s perfect love, and his perfect timing. God bless you for your prayers and support during this time.

Jon Yoder and family
Atmore, AL 36502

The funeral will be 2:00 pm Saturday, July 11 at First Assembly of God Church on Main Street in Atmore. There will be a viewing from 4-9 pm Friday July 10 at Mennonite Christian Fellowship, 245 Tennant Drive, Atmore, AL 36502, and also prior to the service on Saturday. We treasure your prayers during this time.
Jon and Dawn Yoder
Atmore, AL 36502

Please pray for the family… my heart aches for them.

As posted by Jon Yoder…

Dawn, our amazing mother, wife, daughter has been declared brain dead by 2 doctors, with her EEG showing no activity.  We believe that she entered heaven instantaneously 2 days ago, but we are now as a family turning her body over to the organ donation center of Alabama, so that she may share her life with others.  That is typical of the life she lived, and it is so much like her.  We will miss her, but we know she is in God’s protective care, and we want to praise Him for his faithfulness.  I write with this tears in my eyes, but with joy in my heart as Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints.  And she definitely received “Well done, thou faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.  She is free at last!   Jon, Robert, Kristin, Amber, and Stephen and all the family

The following article was written by the local news in the Atmore AL area.

>> Atmore News

Keep their daughter Amber in your prayers as she is flying in to be with the rest of the family. I am sure its got to be a tough, lonely trip.

The following email was just sent by Jon on our immediate family’s email group….

My soul finds rest in God alone, my salvation comes from Him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation, He is my fortress, I will never be shaken….One thing God has spoken, two things have I heard:  that you, O God, are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving..Psa  62:1,2,11,12..Some friends of ours read that Psalm to us last night before I retired to a fitful sleep, and although they read the whole psalm, my spirit latched on to those verses…My heart cries out to God, as I see my wife, and our children’s mother lying helplessly, and I ask why?  But two things I know is that God is strong, and that he is loving.  Dawn remains essentially in a coma this morning with only the faintest response to pain, and minimal fluttering of the eyelids.  It is hard to see her like that, but we are praying for faith for a miracle–Help thou my unbelief…
Kristin and I slept fitfully at the hospital last night, and the boys were over at a friends house for the night.  Dan and Phyllis, Mark and Caralee, Rosalee, Mom and Dad Good were all over here yesterday, and Mom and Dad, and Dan and Phyllis and Rosalee also stayed over in Mobile.  And we have been overwhelmed by all the support from our church family, and friends.  There is this huge knot in my abdomen where my stomach used to be, and I know that it is only your prayers that are keeping us as a family.  Tears are flowing down my face as I anticipate the unknown future, but God is strong!  I will never be shaken…Jon for the whole family

Its been one of those days where the thought came to me “Lord, why don’t You just come back and put us all out of our misery?!” I was at work this morning when my wife called saying she had bad news. Oh how I hate those kind of calls! I swallowed hard and tried to brace myself for what followed. She proceeded to tell me that Dawn, her sister-in-law, had been struck by lightning while taking out some trash. Unfortunately she was not discovered right away which leaves uncertainty on how long she was not breathing. She is currently in the hospital with stable vital signs but the big concern is the possibility of brain damage. Please keep the family in prayer during this most unsettling time in their lives. Jon and Dawn have four grown children as you will see in the photos provided in the link below. One of their daughters (Amber) is currently serving a term of VS. over seas and has to make a decision on whether or when to come home. There is a lot to pray about for certain. Would you join us in praying for the family?
Many thanks and may the Lord receive all the Glory.

Click for recent photos of the family >   Jon Yoder Fam

 I have uploaded quite a number of videos from this year’s mid-atlantic student convention.

The index for all of these videos can be found here> RM6565 YouTube Channel

The first link is of  the song “His Life For Mine”. What a powerful message.

 After several little “sky farts” this year, we finally got  “dumped” on.  Below are a couple of emails I sent out regarding this event…

   During the night…

Well, am I ever glad we took time on Saturday to get a little more firewood around
here! Click > (FIREWOOD) The time is past 12:30am this Monday morning and the electric has just gone out! Not with an occasional flicker either. It simplyblanked right out with no warning at all! I just got done making surethe stove in the basement was stoked with wood. It seemed to beburning nicely and i am sure it will keep us warm as our single sourceof heat until power is restored. The worse thing I will have to face is having to get our water pump primed since the check valve is bad and it always loses prime after a short period without electric! Thelast priming situation was a royal pain in the bahunkus! Oh how i dread that project. Uncle Jesse’s can sure be glad they are missing out on this sort of drama. As i lay here in bed typing this on my cell phone, since my computers and internet are out with the power, it sounds like the wind has really picked up. Last I looked outside with the flashlight, the snow is still coming down at a good clip.

This morning…

  Two really good things to report. 

 1. The power was restored after being out maybe an hour or so.
 2. The water pump did not have to be primed! (My biggest concern)

   Another really great thing is that my high speed internet is back! How boring it would be to be snowed in without that!
       I would say we have about 8 inches so far. Looking at the radar we may get another inch or so before it is supposed to end early this afternoon.
 Here are pics that will show the amount of snow since last night…

      Click> Snow 2009

     Its hard to believe its already been one year since Melanie’s “Ultimate Healing”. With the way things are going in this old world these days, I almost get jealous of her! Some glorious day, the pain, sorrow, and disappointment, that is so much a part of this life will be a distant memory swallowed up by the very presence of our King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s! Have you made your preparation? Have you trusted in the ONLY means of salvation? The only Hope we have? Yes, Jesus Christ our Saviour.

     We miss you Mel…


  Here is the slideshow that was put together during the time of Mels funeral…

 Click>       Remembering Mel

    Also see the wonderful memorial done on her family’s blog >  MLMILLER FAM