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Been doing a lot of thinking lately. We heard a slogan or phrase in our world about 18 months ago that included the words “hope” and “change”. How is that “hope and change” working out for you? Nearly every business associate I talk to describes it as being “real bad” out there and they doubt it will get better any time soon. One of my electrical inspectors said they are down by 70% and he is concerned he will likely get laid off.
Seems to be very little hope out there but plenty of change. Unfortunately, that change has been for the worse. I am concerned the change we will see in the future of this messed up world will continue to be for the worse, much worse.
I know this may have been a gloomy post but let me brighten it up with the REAL hope and change that is sure to come. Real Hope is found in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Real Change will come for those who have acknowledged Him as Lord and Savior. That Change is in the form of sins forgiven, a new heart, and ultimately a new, incorruptible, glorious body! Lets also not forget the new heaven and new earth that is also coming. As the scripture states: Old things are passed away, behold all things become new. My friends, that is what I call Hope and Change!
Easter is right around the corner. Can anyone say Alleluia?!

I must admit to something that will likely surprise some of you. I will be 45 this June and have never read the Bible through! I would imagine sister Barbara’s jaw would hit the floor if she knew that fact. One of the reasons, and I know its no excuse, is the fact that I hate to read. I have no desire to grab even a popular novel and sit down to read for hours like some folks seem to do. If I were to estimate how many books I have read in my life it would probably not be over 30 and most of them were during my school years.

I have recently found something that has helped in my quest to read the Bible through this year. Its called the “One Year Bible Online-Mobile”. Yes, I bookmarked it on my Droid and have found it very helpful and am keeping on schedule to read the Bible through this year!

Check it out here> One Year Bible-Mobile

I am becoming more convinced that as time moves on, its not going to get any easier to walk the narrow road of true, disciple of Christ, Christianity. If a body of believers is truly taking a stand for Christ , they should expect opposition. They should expect to be called hypocrites. They should expect false accusations, ridicule, scorn, even to be hated. Lets not give in or give up. The narrow road is going to seem narrower as more folks cave and drift to the broad road. The thought saddens me greatly. On the other hand, those that endure to the end will receive a crown of righteousness.  Lets be determined to stay faithful. In the spirit of Joshua: “Choose you this day whom you will serve. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”