Sadly,  I knew the day would come for this post. After several years of Facebook the time has come to bail out. This decision has not come without much thought and consideration.

Let me begin by saying that for the most part, I enjoyed the early Facebook approach of social networking primarily for the purpose of keeping up with family and friends far and wide. I never played “Farmville” or the various other games available on FB. Perhaps if I was retired, I would feel better able to justify spending time in that way. Maybe its just a personal thing but I never liked using FB to share photos. It just felt too sloppy or frivolous compared to the Picasa Web Album approach. Now, since this post is about my personal decision to say goodbye to Facebook, I am REALLY GLAD  I stuck with Picasa Web Albums!

You may be wondering what has caused me to come to this decision. Actually, I have been leaning toward leaving FB for quite some time but two recent incidents have pushed me to the point that the time is now. I was looking through a FB friend’s info and saw he liked a few facebook pages. I clicked on one of those to see what it was about. There it was, a full fledged pornographic image. I doubt my FB friend even knew it was there and it might not be anymore since the owner of the page may have removed it by now. The second incident is the recent news report of a major spam attack. Click>  FB SPAM  If a friend’s FB account gets hijacked by a spammer, keep in mind that you don’t really have to click on anything to see the images. They will show in their normal status update.

To sum this up, I have basically come to the conclusion that the benefits of Facebook no longer outweigh the risk. Personally speaking, the risk factor has become too great.

 I plan to close down my FB account possibly as early as tomorrow. For now, I will do my “social networking” on Google+. A number of friends are already there. If you don’t already use Google+ it would be great to see you there too!