One of the things that is changing in technology is how videos are viewed. The old way involved using DVD’s. Putting footage on a DVD is soon going to be a thing of the past and that includes home created videos. Our niece got married in Alabama a month ago and she wanted the video I captured from the wedding using my Canon HG20 high def. camcorder.  I used windows live movie maker to create the video using footage as well as a few snapshots. The final video file size ended up being over 5 gigabytes since I used the high quality widescreen ratio! This will not fit on a standard blank DVD. The other problem was the fact that time was critical. She needed it for a reception they were having while in Ohio. I ended up getting her to download it over the internet using an FTP program. I set up a user ID and password that allowed her to access and download  it from my NAS (network attached storage) box here at home to the PC she was using in Ohio. I think it took all night to download! Download speeds depend on my upload speed and her download speed. She did tell me today that the file successfully came through.  I considered privately uploading the video to youtube but viewing it that way would require a fast and available internet connection. Someday I predict there will be a nationwide, blazing fast, wireless, broadband connection. This will make uploading, sharing, and viewing, high def. videos much simpler.